The Dark Knight Faces The Man Of Steel In This New McFarlane Two-Pack

McFarlane Toys

Superman and Batman have struggled against each other for decades. This feud came to a head in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. 1986 saw the two DC icons battle to the “death” that pulled no punches.
The two-pack of the heroic titans is priced at $41.99. The DC Multiverse Superman VS. Armored Batman two-pack is estimated to ship in March 2022. The iconic battle could be reenacted in the comfort of your own home if you were to pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store.

McFarlane Toys
McFarlane Toys
The one thing I’ve found off-putting about the McFarlane toys was the faces. They always look off to me, personally. When it comes to Frank Miller’s art, sometimes it’s a good idea to smooth out some of those features. Superman looks like Phyllis Diller on steroids. What works on paper doesn’t always translate when to a physical model. I don’t think anyone, from DC Direct to McFarlane have managed to do this version of Superman right, to be honest.
Regardless, it turned out really well in animated form a few years ago:

The Dark Knight Returns was a fantastic story of a retired Bruce Wayne donning the mantle of the Bat once again. His battle against the rampant crime in Gotham City draws the attention of Superman, who has become an agent of the US government.
The McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse line skews towards the 7″ tall figures, making them taller than the Marvel Legends figures. I’m not sure how well they sell because the toys always appear to be fully stocked when I go to Target. Much like the Eternals and Shang Chi Marvel Legends figures, they never seem to move off the shelves.
What do you think of the DC figures McFarlane Toys has put on the market so far? Let us know in the comments section below.
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