The Acolyte: Media Tells Star Wars Fans to GROW THE F*CK UP?!

The media keeps defending The Acolyte, and now Screen Rant is telling fans to grow up and get over it, and is comparing The Acolyte backlash to the Star Wars Prequels… which they’re too young to even remember. Then we talk about the “Smilo Ren” helmet for sale and Leslye Headland, unsure if she’s getting a Season 2.

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It’s important for Star Wars fans to be able to criticize the franchise, but they should do so in a respectful and constructive manner, without resorting to toxic behavior or personal attacks.

00:00 The speaker criticizes fans who didn’t like the prequels, mocks Disney’s Star Wars, and discusses the impact of media on fan opinions.

04:28 The speaker criticizes intense review bombing and lack of clear motivation behind negative reception of Star Wars projects, and expresses frustration with the way some Star Wars audiences respond to criticism, while also believing that fans should be allowed to criticize Star Wars and sees similarities between different aspects of the franchise.

06:49 Star Wars fans criticized for toxic behavior and review bombing, told to grow up and allow criticism of movies, speaker dislikes Star Wars and won’t watch again.

10:13 Star Wars fans are being told to grow up and stop attacking new projects, as criticism is normal but hate and personal attacks are not acceptable.

13:14 Star Wars fans told to grow up and stop getting angry about articles by younger fans, speaker prefers Revenge of the Sith over Return of the Jedi.

15:36 Star Wars fans can have different opinions, but shouldn’t criticize for lore or bad acting, and young writers are being underpaid and unprofessional.

17:42 It’s important to respect differing opinions and not tie personal identity to media, criticism is valid but personal attacks are unnecessary.

20:53 The Acolyte Defender criticizes lack of promotion for Andor and potential cancellation of Acolyte, discusses uncertainty of season two, criticizes delayed release of “Darth Teeth” helmet, and suggests Disney is attempting to shame fans into returning.

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