Hasbro’s Selfie Series Let’s You Put Your Face On An Action Figure


Custom action figures are nothing new. For years independent companies have used 3-D printing to put the faces of customers and celebrities on toys. Hasbro has decided to get in on this trend with the Selfie Series. The toymaker is collaborating with FormLabs to make official customized figures from several popular movies and shows.
Want your face on a Ghostbuster’s body? No problem. The same goes for Power Rangers, Snake Eyes, Black Panther, Iron Man, Spide-Man, Mandalorians, Stormtroopers, X-Wing pilots, and more. Not bad for something that will come in around the $50 mark. The figures look to be on the same scale as the GB Plasma series and Marvel Legends line.
The process FormLabs will use to create customer-requested action figures involves 3-D printing with liquid resin. I have a resin printer, and the process usually leads to nicely detailed prints that require a minimum amount of cleaning and polishing. The video below gives a bit of insight into this process.

In partnership with Formlabs, Hasbro is giving fans a chance to digitally transform themselves into the action heroes and heroines they see on-screen and imagine themselves as part of the stories they love. From an X-Wing pilot, morphing into a Power Ranger, silently stalking Cobra as Snake Eyes, or swinging through the New York cityscape like Spiderman, fans can indulge in the ultimate consumer experience with the Hasbro Selfie Series figures.

The Selfie Series service won’t launch until this Fall, but you can sign up now to be alerted when things kick off. Customers need to scan their likeness with their phone and the Hasbro Pulse app. It is unclear whether you’ll be able to see the figure’s head before it’s shipped out. Nor do we know just how customizable the likeness will be.
What do you think of Hasbro getting in on the customized action figure market? Let us know below.

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