Shogun Godzilla Revealed At Spectacular Kinda Sorta Still-at-Home-ic-Con

The classic Shogun Godzilla from 44 years ago is back, in a much smaller form. Super7 is giving life to this classic toy with a 3.75″ tall version complete with flicking flame tongue and that evergreen skin. He’s the perfect scale to terrorize all those Sequel Trilogy Star Wars figures you’ve probably got lying around.

This green 3.75” Super7 Spectacular Kinda Sorta Still at Home-ic-Con Godzilla ReAction figure is modeled after the classic Shogun toy and features a spring-loaded retractable flame tongue! In special throwback packaging, it’s just like the Shogun Godzilla you remember, only much smaller! Adding this Shogun Godzilla ReAction figure is a far more manageable way to incorporate The King of Monsters into your Kaiju collection!

The Shogun figure should look familiar to those who grew up in the 1970s and early 1980s. The original was around 20″ tall. Godzilla had a flaming “tongue” and a rocket hand. Yup. Godzilla’s hand was springloaded and would fire off. Weird selling point? Sure, but it made it a memorable toy.
Today the original toy goes for $400 and up on eBay. I wouldn’t consider these super rare, but if you’re looking to get one make sure that it’s not a reproduction. The toy saw a resurgence in 2015 when Toynami launched their own version. This updated take on Mattel’s toy saw the King of Monsters receiving a new head sculpt and more Toho-faithful coloring.
Oh, and there will be new t-shirts, too!


You may recognize this shirt from a popular sitcom about a group of comic-con loving friends! Check out the Toho Rorschach tee, originally designed by Super7’s Brian Flynn over a decade ago!


Godzilla body slams the Smog Monster in this Super7 tee honoring the 50th anniversary of Godzilla vs. Hedorah!

Shogun Godzilla will be priced at $25. Each t-shirt goes for $30.

Pre-orders for the Godzilla goodies and more start on July 21st at noon PT. Head on over to Super7 now and get your list ready!

What other Toho monsters should join the Shogun series? I’m personally hoping for a Jet Jaguar with light-up eyes, or maybe he’ll sing his MST3K theme song! Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Super7]

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