Streamer Beats Elden Ring’s Malenia Twice Simultaneously

Photo Credit: MissMikkaa

If you ever rage quit during an Elden Ring boss battle, keep in mind that someone was able to beat multiple bosses simultaneously while using a controller and dance pad. That’s what one Twitch streamer did not once but three times with some of the game’s most notorious bosses.

Malenia is a demanding boss. With each strike she lands, she regains a chunk of health. Even after you defeat her, Malenia morphs into her second form, and the fight renews. To say she’s a pain in the backside is an understatement. Imagine taking on this boss fight twice simultaneously while using two controllers, one of them being a DDR-style dance pad. That’s what Twitch streamer Miss Mikka did as part of her Ultimate Challenge Run.

In a tweet from the streamer, Miss Mikkaa states that it took 199 tries to pass this odd challenge finally. Considering that Elden Ring asks more of a player than to hack and slash at an enemy mindlessly, it is an impressive feat to topple two bosses at once. It’s even more stunning that she used a dance pad rather than something like the XBOX’s Adaptive Controller. She initially pulled off the same stunt against Margit and Godrick in mid-December and again versus the Godskin Quartet on December 28th.

In case the Tweet does not load, Miss Mikkaa said the following when posting about defeating Malenia: “2x MALENIA HAS BEEN DEFEATED! After 3 days and 199 tries Malenia is dead in the Ultimate Challenge Run where I play Elden Ring twice simultaneously (with a dance pad & controller). In the beginning I was not even sure if this run was possible. Radagon/Elden Beast is next!

I put Elden Ring on hold for a while because of the Malenia battle. No other boss fight in the game was as aggravating to me as that one was. Maybe I need to use a dance pad?

[Source: Twitter]

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