Tesla’s Child-Size Cyberquad ATV Recalled Over Safety Issues

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

While Elon Musk is busy cleaning house at Twitter, Tesla is dealing with a recall issue involving a product aimed at children. It would appear that the company’s child-size Cyberquad ATV is currently undergoing a major recall, according to PC Mag. The US Government claims the product does not meet specific safety standards regarding maximum tire pressure and the suspension system.

The report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission made the following claim:

The Cyberquad fails to comply with the federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs, including mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure.  Additionally, the Cyberquad lacks a CPSC-approved ATV action plan, which is required to manufacture, import, sell, or distribute ATVs. ATV action plans contain numerous safety requirements, such as rider training, dissemination of safety information, age recommendations, and other safety measures.  These ATV safety standards are in place to reduce crash and injury hazards, preventing serious injury or death.

While the Cyberquad is designed to look like a Tesla machine, the ATV was made in connection with Radio Flyer. The company did power information about the recall on its official website. However, within the FAQ, it is revealed that Tesla’s role in creating the product only went so far as the company consulting “on the overall appearance of the product.” Thankfully, Radio Flyer offers a complete refund of the ATV’s $1,900 price tag.

Customers must remove the vehicle’s motor controller to get a refund and send it back to Radio Flyer. Unfortunately, this will leave Cyberquad owners with a disabled ATV frame and a lithium-ion battery that they will have to dispose of on their own.

According to an archived page for the product on Tesla’s website, the ATV had adjustable suspension, read disk brakes, and could reach up to 10 mph. The battery would allow up to 15 miles worth of travel and was aimed at kids eight years old and up. It looked like a cool little toy. But, considering our questionable safety standards back in the 1980s, was the ATV that dangerous? A couple of injuries were reported but was that due to user error or a flaw in the vehicle’s design?

[Source: PC Mag] [Source: CPSC]

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