Robotech Launches Kickstarter For New “Homefront” RPG

Robotech announced that they are partnering with Strange Machine Games to crowdfund a new tabletop role-playing game titled “Homefront” through Kickstarter.
According to the Robotech website, “Robotech: Homefront’ is the first supplement in the Robotech Roleplaying Game series. Homefront, a 275 page book, contains all the major content from both “The Masters” and “New Generation” Sagas. Homefront is being sold with 3 covers: Scott’s Cyclone, Dana’s Armor, and the Limited Edition Gold Foil Leatherette.” They continue, “Homefront is a supplement for SMG’s “Robotech: The Macross Saga Roleplaying Game” which you will need to play. You can purchase it as an Add-On. Nearly all of the content seen in both “The Masters” and “New Generation” is included in Homefront. This book includes every important character, mecha, weapon, equipment, and major event from the series.”
For fans of the “Masters” story-arc, you can get a “Dana Limited” version of the game guide which features pilot Dana Sterling in her helmet front and center.
Robotech explains that they “will be produced at 10% of the total copies made. You are guaranteed to get the Dana Cover through this Kickstarter, but after supplies will be limited.”
Strange Machine Games adds, “New lore and stories grow the Robotech experience, fleshing out the cataclysmic events of the Second and Third Robotech Wars for Earth, exploring the planets history and new way of life in the wake of devastation and war unimaginable. Explore the Robotech world as you’ve never seen it before or re-live the original story collected and retold from the earliest conflicts to the last dramatic moments.”
The Kickstarter campaign is fully funded, featuring badges from the Invid, UEEF, the Army of the Southern Cross, and the Masters. It also features several figurines from each faction with additional weapons and has new stories and lore to expand the playing field.