Microsoft’s FTC Lawsuit Leaks Details For A 2028 XBOX Console

Oh, the FTC went and ruined all of the surprises Microsoft had in store for gamers. Not only that, but the Federal Trade Commission just gave the XBOX’s competition a look at the company’s plans through to 2028!

The Verge and IGN have been digging through the recently released court documents, including several Microsoft slides. These various in-house infographics showed off what other XBOX peripherals are on the way and when we can expect the upcoming next-gen console!

The next XBOX, SILICON, will be a hybrid system that may rely heavily on cloud computing. It could be possible that the cloud-based aspects are more for future expansion. What makes me think that is the term in the slide below called “forward compatibility.”

Based on the slide titled The Journey Has Already Started, SILICON has been in the research phase since 2022. The expected launch would occur very close to the end of 2028, probably in the usual October/November window.

How much of this plan is still in place could be anyone’s guess now. Considering a vast amount of Microsoft’s secrets were just revealed could cause the company to revamp all of these ideas since the competition knows too much.

However, I hope a portable XBOX device is on the way because the slide mentions a sub-$99 handheld device. This could be a competitor to the PlayStation Portal, a local Wi-Fi streaming device announced earlier this year for $199.

Slide Credit: FTC | THE VERSE | IGN
Slide Credit: FTC | THE VERSE | IGN

In less exciting news, the XBOX may receive a new type of controller that is Bluetooth 5.2-enabled, contains modular thumbsticks, and an accelerometer. The SEBILE (code name) will also have life-to-wake tech built-in, so you won’t have to press the X symbol to turn on the controller.

Slide Credit: FTC | THE VERSE | IGN

Look at the following slide for those wondering about the next version of the current-gen XBOX Series X. The BROOKLIN revamps the big black brick into a big black cylinder! The reworked console will have more storage, upgraded Wi-Fi 6E, and a reduced power draw. The downside? No more optical drive.

Microsoft planned on announcing the BROOKLIN and a more affordable $299 console called the ELLEWOOD late in 2024. The two would launch within six months of each other during the third and fourth quarters of 2025.

Slide Credit: FTC | THE VERSE | IGN
Slide Credit: FTC | THE VERSE | IGN

What do you think of the leaks? Let us know below.

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