Tekken 8 Director SMACKS DOWN Racism Allegations on Twitter!

The director of Tekken 8 was attacked as a “racist” on Twitter simply because Eddie Gordo reportedly won’t be in the game. Never mind that there are other Black characters in the lineup. He gets shot down HARD by Katsuhiro Harada, and the internet cheers.

Additional Context:
Katsuhiro Harada, the director of “Tekken 8,” recently addressed allegations of racism on social media. These accusations arose when a Twitter user speculated that the delay in revealing the character Eddy Gordo in “Tekken 8” was due to racism from the development team, pointing to a perceived lack of care for black characters. Harada responded to these claims by highlighting the presence of other black characters in the game, such as Leroy and Raven, and questioned the logic behind the accusation.

Harada’s response emphasized the illogical nature of the claim, stating that the absence of Japanese characters in American dramas and movies he enjoys has never made him feel discriminated against. He suggested that the difference in perception between him and the accuser might be significant. Harada’s reply aimed to debunk the notion that the game’s creators are racist and to clarify that character inclusion decisions are not based on racial discrimination.

The gaming community has generally rallied behind Harada, appreciating his straightforward approach to addressing and dismissing these unfounded claims. His response was seen as a necessary stance against unreasonable and baseless accusations.

This incident highlights the ongoing discussions and sensitivities around character representation in video games, particularly in popular franchises like “Tekken.” It also showcases how developers and directors are increasingly engaging with their audiences on social media platforms to address concerns and criticisms directly.

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