Help Cobra Profit With These Two New Destro Statues

How does COBRA stay afloat after repeated thwartings by the G.I. Joes? Destro, of course. The masked weapons manufacturer is possibly the only reason Cobra Commander is even the slightest bit threatening, but Destro’s loyalty is only to whoever has the most money.
To celebrate this great capitalist, Gentle Giant is making two new statues of the villain. Due out in February and April 2021, the Profit Director statue and 1/2 scale bust are just around the corner. The bust is priced at $175 and stands at 10″ tall, while the Profit Director statue is $49.99 and the same height.

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

A Diamond Select Toys release! Cobraaaaa! Villainous Scottish arms dealer Destro is now a Legend in 3D, the second entry in the G.I. Joe series! Measuring approximately 10 inches tall, this half-scale bust of the Cobra associate features his awe-inspiring medallion and a pedestal base styled after his famous wrist rockets.

Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant

Profits are up, and MARS CEO Destro has a whole new look! As owner of his own weapons manufacturing company, Destro is one of COBRA’s key members, and likes to look the part. His latest purchase is this sweet new ensemble for important business meetings and wild nights on the town!

Ever wonder why Destro wears the mask? First, check out this clip from the classic G.I. Joe series. Then compare it to that abomination that was 2009’s Rise of Cobra.

Holy crap. I forgot just how awful that first live-action G.I. Joe movie was. How do you screw up such a simple premise of outlandish good guys vs absurd bad guys? Ugh. It was all during the Bay-era of Hasbro films. You know, where everything had to be overly reliant on CGI with zero effort put into the plot.
Which Destro is your favorite? I’m partial to the Profit Director myself. Sure, the classic look is cool, but purple jumpsuits with leopard print lining are just too flashy to give up. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
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