Spider-Man And Other Marvel Comics Getting Release By Penguin Classics

Retro issues of Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Captain America are getting revamped with Marvel Comics announcing that they are partnering with Penguin Classics to release new versions of some of their titles.
“It’s time to clear some space on your bookshelves — the Penguin Classics Marvel Collection arrives this Summer on June 14,” Marvel said on their website. “For the first time, these classic stories of some of the most iconic Super Heroes in the history of American comics are Penguin Classics, and we’re excited to share a first look at The Amazing Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Captain America.”
They added, “These carefully curated comic book anthologies present the original stories and seminal tales of key Marvel characters, and serve as a testament to Marvel’s transformative impact on the fantasy genre and across popular culture. Both the iconic black spine paperback and collectible hardcover formats are available for pre-order now, everywhere books are sold.”
Marvel also unveiled the covers for both versions of the books:

The Spider-Man collection includes his first appearance in ‘Amazing Fantasy,’ several issues of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ an annual, and an early appearance in ‘Strange Tales.’
“It is impossible to imagine American popular culture without Marvel Comics. For decades, Marvel has published groundbreaking visual narratives that sustain attention on multiple levels: as metaphors for the experience of difference and otherness; as meditations on the fluid nature of identity; and as high-water marks in the artistic tradition of American cartooning, to name a few,” Marvel continued.
Black Panther’s collection will feature his first appearance in Fantastic Four as well as several issues featuring T’Challa in the hit series ‘Jungle Action.’
When it comes to Captain America, it will feature his first appearance as well as his run as the title character in ‘Tales of Suspense,’ plus the bonus story “Captain America…Commie Smasher.’

Jacob Airey

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