A Rainbow In The Night! Super7 Is Making Silverhawks!

Wings of silver! Nerves of steel! Silverhawks are here!
Super7 is going to send us all to the poorhouse. The company has been launching so many toy lines based on retro properties that we GenXers are going broke collecting all this awesome stuff.
Joining Super7’s elite line of merchandise known as Ultimates is the 1980s Rankin/Bass cartoon Silverhawks.


At long last, it is a pleasure to finally bring back SilverHawks to battle Mon*Star and the forces of evil throughout the universe,” said Super7 Founder & Owner, Brian Flynn. “What is super exciting is that the ULTIMATES! figures are just the beginning. We have a much larger relationship with SilverHawks LLC, and we will see SilverHawks available again for years to come.

Since this is Super7’s Ultimates line, that means the prices reflect that. Quicksilver, Steelheart, and Buzzsaw will all be priced at $55 apiece. Mon*Star, however, will command a larger price tag due to his size. For 11″ of villainous plastic, you’ll be paying $85.

The Silverhawks line will launch in the Spring of 2022.
The short-lived but memorable series has been long overdue for the high detail, high articulation treatment. They’ll join the Thundercats and Masters of the Universe in a line of highly sought-after collectibles.
If you were a kid in the ’80s, you’d remember the original toys from Kenner. They all had that awesome chrome-like finish. Due to the show’s short run, these toys became difficult to find and now fetch a pretty penny on eBay.
The downside to the figures was that the Silverhawks themselves didn’t have much articulation due to the wingspread action feature. Essentially the Silverhawks were the first toys that T-posed as a selling point.
Buzzsaw was my favorite. He had multiple spinning blades, and his action feature was biting. Awe yeah! He could have given up intergalactic crime and just gotten a killer job at a lumber yard.
Does anyone remember the Silverhawks toys that were in the Burger King kids’ meal? If I recall correctly, I kept getting the Mon*Star thing. I think it was a ring with a sliding top half that would use a red plastic lens to reveal Mon*Star’s other form.

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