Super7 Announces Critical Role And New Beastie Boys Figures

More Beastie Boys figures from Super7? Yes, please.

After announcing the ReAction Sabotage action figures, Super7 has released a 2-pack featuring 3.75″ tall versions of the Intergalactic Robot and Squid Monster. These two characters from the group’s 1998 album Hello Nasty never had official names. Screw it; it doesn’t matter. The set is pretty barebones, with the Squid Monster being the only one with an accessory. There are no tiny Beastie Boys figures, cars, or buildings.

The set is available now for $50. Collect this set along with Super7’s Toho ReAction Figures and let the absurdity flow.



Critical Role is moving beyond streaming RPGs and into the world of action figures. I may not be a fan of CR, but these figures are pretty impressive. The blister cards are some of the best I’ve seen come out of Super7. It’s too bad all this is going towards such a niche as Critical Role. I’d love to see Game of Thrones figures or other fantasy properties get these highly detailed packaging die-cut cardbacks.

This initial wave consists of the following characters:

  • Beauregard Lionett
  • Yasha Nydoorin
  • Fjord Stone
  • Veth Brenatto
  • Caduceus Clay
  • Caleb Widogast
  • Jester Lavorre

Each figure is around 3.75″ tall and packed with an accessory. Unfortunately, these ReAction Figures are a bit pricier, coming in at $25 each of $175 for all seven.


From a ragtag group of ne’er-do-wells to a united band of heroes, the Mighty Nein are ready for all manner of fantastic adventures!

For more info on Critical Role, check out the 38th episode of the group’s 3rd campaign below.

It’s been a couple of decades since I played a tabletop RPG, and I never thought there would be a market for people who want to watch others act out a fantasy adventure. Personally, it’s not my thing, but obviously, there’s an audience for it. So now, when will Critical Role start a Mechwarrior campaign?

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