‘Super Dimension Century Orguss’ Flies Into HiDive

The second part of Big West’s “Super Dimension” trilogy ‘Super Dimension Century Orguss’ finds a new streaming home with HiDive.

“HIDIVE’s bringing the 80s back one anime at a time. Get ready for 3 episodes per week of the action-packed sci-fi anime courtesy of our new acquisition,” they said on their website.

Directed by Noboru Ishiguro and Yasuyoshi Mikamoto, the show was produced by Artland and TMS Entertainment, running for thirty-nine episodes and a six-part OVA from J.C. Staff. Discotek originally released the series in the United States, but only seventeen episodes were dubbed at the time.

You can see the announced for the anime on Twitter:

Anime Planet describes the synopsis as follows,

“The year is 2062; man is able to lift heavy objects into space by using a massive elevator that spans from the planet into the heavens. The world is split into two superforces, one of which controls the elevator – causing tension between both sides. Kei Katsuragi is a Second Lieutenant for the Freedom Space Corps, and his mission is to destroy the elevator. But when something goes wrong with the Space/Time oscillation bomb, Kei is caught in the blast and tossed into another dimension. He awakens in a strange new world where he’s caught in the middle between the Emaan, a nomadic people who rescues him; and the Chilam, a military force who want to capture Kei for their own unknown reasons. Kei must now journey to find a way to restore time and space, try to make his way home, and avoid being caught by the Chilam army.”

The show serves as a sequel to ‘The Super Dimension Fortress Macross’ and a prequel to the final part of the sequel ‘The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.’ The last part became the basis for season two of ‘Robotech.’

Jacob Airey

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