Shazam Goes To The Underworld In New DC Comic Book

Billy Batson is heading down the depths of Hell… literally. DC Universe is bringing a new Shazam miniseries that is tied to ‘Teen Titans Academy’ and ‘Future State: Shazam!’ The part-four miniseries is being written by Tim Sheridan, who spoke to DC Nation.
“Billy Batson could be—could be—the key to the whole thing! Future State showed us where the Teen Titans Academy path is heading: an unnamed student, with the help of the mysterious Red X, will be responsible for unleashing the Four Riders of the Apocalypse from Hell,” he said according to DC Nation. “That itself would be bad enough, but then we looked even further into the future to see how Billy’s innocence, typically his greatest strength, can and will be used against him in order to bring about a threat even larger and more consequential than Armageddon!”
“That future is our prologue and it brings us to Shazam!, where we’re now asking: Is tomorrow written in stone,” he continued. “Or is it possible that Billy can upend fate and bring about a better outcome than the one we’ve seen? That’s a lot of responsibility for anyone, let alone a kid Billy’s age.”
“Like every teenager, Billy’s life is changing fast. How many of the carefree days of childhood has Billy spent in the body of a full-grown adult, with duties far greater than those of a less mighty mortal? A lot. Maybe too many,” DC Nation added. “The unfamiliar place we find Billy in when we begin this series is that he’s growing up…for real, not just by saying a magic word. And, because he’s just like the rest of us, that’s freaking scary for him.”
On working with Clayton Henry, Sheridian had nothing but praise for the artist.
“I don’t think I’ve experienced a cleaner version of that than I have with Clayton,” he explain. “And then, if I may say, particularly beginning with Shazam! #2, where I feel like our styles really melded to produce that harmony.”

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