Refraktor Returns! Decepticon Transforms Into Canon EOS R5 Camera

Recently we covered the upcoming Optimus Prime figure that transforms into a Canon DSLR. So naturally, many people wondered why Refraktor wasn’t also present since being a camera was that Decepticon’s gimmick. Wonder no more as Hasbro Pulse announced that Refractor would join Prime as an officially licensed (80% scale) EOS R5 Camera.

Sadly, Refraktor does not combine three transformers into one camera. Instead, Refractor is just one robot. However, the Decepticon comes with a camera accessory split into three pieces, but the parts do not transform into robot mode.  Refraktor is priced at $144.99 and is expected to ship on the 25th of May, 2023. Pre-orders are open until September 9th.


Hasbro Pulse
Hasbro Pulse
Hasbro Pulse
Hasbro Pulse
Hasbro Pulse

This adult collectible Transformers G1 action figure for adults features authentic Takara Tomy design and deco, in collaboration with Canon, Inc. The figure is showcased in premium deco and detail and comes in its original packaging with Japanese-language instructions. Figure does not function as real camera.

  • AUTHENTIC TAKARA TOMY DESIGN: This Transformers Refraktor R5 premium adult collectible is an authentic Takara Tomy product, designed in collaboration with Canon, Inc. Does not function as real camera
  • 2 ICONIC MODES: Transformers G1 Refraktor R5 action figure converts between robot and mirrorless camera EOS R5 modes. Figure features an 80% scale design from the Canon EOS R5 camera
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: Comes with a toy lens piece, Quantum Dial, lens cap shield, and mini EOS R5 toy camera accessories. Figure can hold mini camera accessory in robot mode
  • HIGH ARTICULATION FOR POSES: Refraktor R5 action figure is fully jointed and highly articulated, allowing for intricate posability in action poses
  • ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND INSTRUCTIONS: This Transformers figure comes with original packaging and Japanese-language instructions

What do you think of the Prime parts being reused for Refraktor? Let us know below.

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