Ray Arnold’s Mysterious Fate Becomes Mattel’s SDCC Exclusive Jurassic Park Set

Poor Ray Arnold. He didn’t get much of a sendoff in Jurassic Park. Well, at least in the final cut of the movie we all saw. Regardless, Mattel is offering up an exclusive SDCC set that shows off the character’s final moments.
Over at Figures.com, we got a good look at what looks to be a pretty awesome display box featuring both Mr. Arnold and a velociraptor. Mattel isn’t divulging too many details outright, but the display box looks to feature lights and maybe a bit more. There’s a recessed area on the floor behind Ray that hints that there may be a base that comes with this thing, too.


We know that things didn’t end well for chief engineer, Ray Arnold in Jurassic Park.
This hyper-detailed diorama uncovers a scene that lived only in our imaginations for years. Get yours 7/22 at 9 AM PST on mattelcreations.com and recreate that final scene and Mr. Arnold’s final moments…​

Yup, we get a bloody stump of an arm, but what about the leg? Wondering what I am talking about? Well, the death of JP’s chief engineer wasn’t always supposed to be so mysterious.
Originally, Samuel L. Jackson’s character was supposed to have a bit more screen time when it came to his death. Of course, we all know that his arm was torn off, but based on props created and some other evidence, he suffered a lot more than just one severed limp. Check out this video for more info.

Does this mean we could eventually get a gutted Dennis Nedry figure? Oh, one can only hope. Keep your eyes on Mattel’s Instagram and Creations website for your chance to order this exclusive set.
What other scenes from that classic flick would you like to see get their own display cases? Timmy being zapped by the fence? Hammond’s lawyer being eaten by the t-rex? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Figures.com]

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