Bill Skarsgård To Paint His Face As The New Crow

Photo Credit: GQ

We now know who will be the next Crow. It’s a choice I wasn’t expecting, but this new pick could surprise us all as the supernatural hero.
The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the man who once played Pennywise the Clown, Bill Skarsgård, will now don the facepaint of The Crow. The film is will, pending any further changes, be directed by Ghost in the Shell‘s Rupert Sanders with a script by Zach Baylin who also penned the recent film, King Richard.
Given that The Crow has been in a state of limbo for over fifteen years, I wouldn’t be surprised if more names pop in and out of this production until boots are on the ground. That said, is Skarsgård, a good choice for an undead avenger? Will he play another version of Eric or the other previous people empowered by the Crow? Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a read on Skarsgård’s fit since we’re not sure which character is he’ll be playing.
In the comics, The Crow is a supernatural force that brings people back from death so they can take revenge. Film versions of the past have taken a formulaic approach that didn’t do much justice to James O’Barr’s work.
Adaptations of O’Barr’s creation have been complicated, to say the very least. The first film saw the tragic accidental death of Brandon Lee due to an issue with a blank-firing handgun in 1993. Following that, the series of films took a significant downturn in quality, not to mention the trainwreck that was The Crow video game for the Sega Saturn.

While the first film is a cult classic and tried to match the atmosphere of the comics, something was still lacking. Could Rupert Sanders and Bill Skarsgård find that missing piece?
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[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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