DC Comics Relaunches Birds Of Prey Comic With New Line-Up And Creative Team

The Birds Of Prey has been a street-level superhero team within the DC Universe. They have primarily been a female-driven alliance although the second Blue Beetle and Nightwing have acted as members in the past. DC Comics has now announced that they will reboot the series with a different line-up and a new creative team.

“Since 1996, the Birds of Prey have remained DC’s premier female-led superhero team. Reinventing itself as needs and modern-day sensibilities have required, it’s always been something of a fluid and evolving team, featuring some of the greatest heroes of the DC Universe, like Batgirl, Black Canary and Vixen along with the occasional villain (we see you, Poison Ivy!),” DC Comics said on their website.

They added, “This year sees a new iteration of the group in a brand-new Birds of Prey series written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Leonardo Romero that’s now led by Black Canary, someone who knows a thing or two about the team, but very little about leading it. With the first issue now in stores and generating plenty of buzz, we sat down with writer Kelly Thompson to discuss assembling these new Birds and what to expect from such an eclectic collection of crimefighters.”

Barbara Gordon, who has worked with the team as Batgirl and the Oracle, will not be a part of this iteration but will be replaced by Cassandra Cain who is donning the mask once again instead of her persona known as The Orphan.

Thompson explained, “In the book, Cassandra is quite literally the answer to all of Dinah’s problems when she’s trying to build this team and struggling to do it without Barbara. Cass obviously fills a different role for Dinah than Barbara does, but it’s still someone incredibly talented and reliable at this kind of thing, who’s also imminently trustworthy and good. Which isn’t always something that comes easy when you’re building a team this dangerous. I’ve been waiting my whole life to write Cassandra Cain, so the stakes were high, and I hope I’m nailing it!”

The series is available in digital and print editions.

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