Short Circuit’s Johnny 5 Will Be Auctioned Off This November!

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If you’ve ever wanted to own a full-size, screen-used Johnny Five from Steve Guttenberg’s best film, here’s your chance. The catch? The event is happening in London, and Johnny’s opening bit starts at £60,000. If you’re serious about bidding on Short Circuit‘s Johnny Five, here’s what you can expect for your money. This was not a fully RC-controlled, fully puppeteered prop. This guy was more for shots when the character was stationary, like when he’s inside a vehicle or tight location that would have been a pain to move the heavier prop into place. The amount of functionality that may still be available is unknown. It appears that Johnny’s red eyes, along with the shoulder laser, still function thanks to a few modifications, including adding a rechargeable battery.

The PropStore
The PropStore
The PropStore

This Johnny 5 is largely static, with lights in the eyes and servo motors in some of the shoulder and arm components that may have been functional at one time. These lighter-weight static robots were built for use where a heavier piece with additional mechanisms was not necessary, such as action shots of Johnny 5 falling. This Johnny 5 prop retains its original first-film color scheme and detailing, and was not updated for the sequel; it has been intact as a unit since production on the first film. The full-size prop features a blue and grey body made primarily of vacuum-formed plastic and metal with simulated buttons and tech panels on the front and back of the torso. Beneath this outer covering are mechanical and electronic elements, the majority of which are cosmetic though designed to appear practical, including cables and wiring to the mechanisms in his torso and arms, with major connections covered by black rubber bellow-like inserts. His lower body features two plated tread belts in triangular configurations on his left and right sides complemented by two small rear wheels with black rubber tires. Mounted over his left shoulder is a wood and resin laser weapon with a red decal strip on the front to simulate the emitter. The head features orange neck pistons; coloured wires and cables; a blue and grey plasting shell matching the body; black metal flaps that serve as upper and lower eyelids; and eyes with gold-colour rings, blue irises reminiscent of camera apertures, and clear lenses that glow red via a small switch in the base of the back of the head. The head has undergone some restoration, specifically to the eyes and their electronics, allowing them to glow with the aid of a rechargeable internal battery that charges through a labelled connector accessible on the back of the head. Also included are original red eye lenses attached to pieces of yellow foam, additional wiring, and a wall-plug charger. Johnny 5 exhibits some wear from production and age, including scuffing, paint chipping, staining, and some loose components. Dimensions: 147.5 cm x 76.25 cm x 178 cm (58″ x 30″ x 70″)

The Propstore’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction will kick off on November 3rd and run through November 6th. Over 1,500 items from TV, movies, and more will be available for bid during that time.

Here’s a breakdown of which lots will go up on which day:

  • Day 1: Lots 1 through 448
  • Day 2: Lots 449 through 623
  • Day 3: Lots 624 through 1083
  • Day 4: Lots 1084 through 1536

For fans of the ALIENS franchise, several items from ALIENS (’86) are already taking absentee bids. These include the Bug Stomper Dropship miniature, a Pulse Rifle, Hicks’s shotgun (for close encounters), a Facehugger, a lots more.


The PropStore


The auctions also include one of Christopher Reeve’s Superman suits. If you’re a Ghostbusters fan, Like I am, a couple of very unique items are also in the lots. The screen-used Titanic miniature from GBII is up for bid, along with parts of the Slimer costume and early maquettes of Slimer and the Scoleri brothers. Evil Dead fans can get their hands on the original Henrietta and Ash’s evil hand stop-motion armatures. Not your cup of tea? Just do a search for your favorite piece of media, and there’s probably something being auctioned off that you’ll like.

[Source: The PropStore] [Source: Adam Savage]

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