Raph’s Alive! NECA Has Combined The TMNT With Universal’s Monsters!

NECA is resurrecting a certain Ninja Turtle with an attitude problem. Somehow Raphael found himself on the dead side and has been jolted back to life by Dr. Frankenstein. Now, this living mutant abomination is on the loose!
Raphael as Frankenstein’s Monster stands at 7″ tall and comes with two lightning bolt sais as well as interchangeable hands. Unfortunately, the figure won’t arrive this Halloween but will be out by April 2022. Raphenstein can be pre-ordered via Entertainment Earth for $34.99.


The line will pay tribute to the world’s most famous turtles and Universal’s icons of horror. Inspired by the silver-screen classic Frankenstein, celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2021, Raphael as Frankenstein’s Monster reimagines the temperamental Turtle as the misunderstood monster. Includes metal chain, interchangeable hands, and two lightning bolt sai.

If Frankenstein’s monster was created from several dead people, what is Raphael constructed out of? My god! He’s made from his brothers, isn’t he?! Oh, the horror!
So, where can this line go next? The Creature would probably be a little too close to the Turtles’ original look. So, who else could they combine with? Maybe Donnie as the Invisible Man? That could make for an excellent combo of translucent parts and bandages.
Speaking of bandages, what about Mikey as the Mummy? He could have burial urns as nunchucks! Instead of a turtle shell, his back could be a winged Scarab beetle?
Now for Leo. Hmmm. The Wolf Man may be the right route, but what would his katanas be themed after? The cane, maybe? That’s a tough one since the creature isn’t really known for his accessories.
What are your thoughts of the Turtles crossing over with classic Universal Monsters? It feels like old times, right? Let us know what you think in the comments section.
[Source: NECA]

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