R.I.P. Comic Books.

Comics pros are looking back on 2023 and the biggest stories? The DEATH of the direct market, the #ComicsBrokeMe hashtag, and all the uncertainty around the comic book industry. It’s almost like YouTubers were RIGHT about the state of the comic book industry all these years. And now it’s probably TOO LATE to save what’s left of the direct market…

Additional Context:
The comic book industry in 2023 was marked by significant challenges and controversies, highlighted by the #ComicsBrokeMe hashtag and discussions around the decline of the direct market. The hashtag #ComicsBrokeMe gained traction following the death of cartoonist Ian McGinty, leading to an outpouring of grievances from creators about the demanding and often exploitative conditions in the comics industry.

Creators shared their experiences of being underpaid, sometimes working without compensation, and facing intense work pressures to meet deadlines. This movement underscored the industry’s systemic issues, including pay disparity and the lack of support for creators, particularly in the context of their work being adapted into highly profitable film and TV franchises​​.

The situation in the comics industry has prompted calls for systemic change, including the possibility of creators organizing collectively for better working conditions, similar to unions in other entertainment sectors. However, organizing efforts in the comics industry have historically faced challenges such as mismanagement, disinterest, publisher pushback, and the secretive nature of the industry, which obscures information like sales figures and pay scales. The structural problems and lack of transparency in the industry make it difficult to gauge the full extent of the issues and to organize effectively for change​​.

Despite these challenges, some individuals and groups within the industry have been recognized for their positive contributions. For instance, creators like James Tynion IV and Dan Santat were acknowledged for their innovative work and support of independent storytelling, demonstrating the potential for success and change within the industry​​.

The struggles faced by comic book creators in 2023, as well as the broader challenges within the industry, highlight the need for significant reform and support for creators.

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