New ‘Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer’ Dropped –End Game Spoiler Warning

Today Marvel dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man Far From Home movie. It does contain spoilers for Avengers: End Game, so if you have not seen it yet you probably do not want to watch the trailer.

Honesty, most of the spoilers are out anyways though.

Rumors have been circulating about how Avengers: End Game will open up a multiverse and it appears that is indeed correct.

This is really smart as it can open up Marvel to recasting characters to play aging super-heroes in other films. I don’t know how the fans will take that, but it gives them the option. They can also bring actors back that have had characters that died in “our universe” or characters we haven’t seen yet, like Miles Morales.

Either way, it looks really good. I am definitely more excited about this one than I was for Avengers: End Game. Still not as much as Godzilla, but close!

Spider-man Far From Home swings into theaters July 2nd!

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