G.I. Joe’s Skystriker Is Being Crowdfunded at Hasbro Pulse for $229.99

Hasbro has added a new vehicle to its crowdfunding initiative. G.I. Joes’ combat jet Skystriker needs 10,000 backers at $229.99 a pop to make this toy a reality. If you’re a sucker for G.I. Joe vehicles, like I am, this thing is pretty intriguing.
This thing is more of a playset than just a vehicle. While we probably won’t get a new USS Flagg anytime soon, Skystriker would look fantastic sitting on the original. The reason I say it’s more of a playset is because of the vast number of accessories.
Weapons, jet engine effects, refueling tanker, two Joes, ejector seats with parachutes! My god! This thing is almost as awesome as the W.H.A.L.E. was when I was a kid. There are 42 days left to back this thing, and the campaign is at nearly 50%. Click here if you want to drop some dollars on this bad boy.

  • The Skystriker soars into action with over 200 deco ops!
  • You’ll immediately notice the quality of engineering, right down to the moveable joystick in the cockpit.
  • The cockpit isn’t the only feature to get an update. There are all new functioning landing levers, one for landing gear and one for wings, swappable black tail fins to match the packaging art, a useable tow hook, and multiple options for dog bone pins to customize weapon load out.
  • The sculptural integrity is miles ahead of previous Skystriker This combat jet is made to last.
  • It’s customizable! The Skystriker comes with different sets of high-quality decals. One set to look like the Skystriker we know and love, and one to look like an F-14 Tomcat! Plus, additional stickers of the pilot’s names to put on the window for that extra personalized touch. AND a second canopy to decorate the heck out of with all those stickers.
  • No combat jet can be ever ready without a re-fueler tank and ammo cart. With new deco and pit crew design, the re-fueler tank and ammo cart are prepared to aid the Skystriker on any missions.
  • Bring your G.I. Joe battle display to the next level with an arsenal of blast effects pieces and missiles. The showdown display possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Pose your favorite figures doing some maintenance work on the Skystriker with the included ladder and fuel tanks.
  • Pose the Skystriker at multiple death-defying angles with the jet stand and recreate scenes from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and your childhood.

HUGE! The addons for after the initial goal is reached are cool. The pit crew makes me want to try to find a USS Flagg so that I can deck it out with these more detailed G.I. Joe vehicles.
What do you think about this vehicle? Let us know in the comments.

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