Just One Bad Day: ARTFX Captures ‘The Killing Joke’ In Statue Form

Kotobukiya‘s latest ARTFX statue captures the birth of the Joker in a 1/6th scale work of art. His eyes bleeding, his mouth forever stapled into a sinister smile, and his hair chemically changed to a ghastly green; the Joker was born out of accident or maybe fate.
The statue is based on the very first panel after the Joker’s transformation, and this thing is spot on.


One day, having lost all emotional support, a Red Hood Gang member is being hunted down by Batman. Cornered with nowhere to run, the man jumps into a river in a frantic attempt to escape. However, chemicals in the water from the Ace Chemical Processing Plant bleach his skin white, his hair bright green, and his lips red. Seeing his reflection in the water, the man stumbles to his feet and lets out an endless howling laugh, thus transforming into a madman.

All it takes is one bad day…
Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is a well-known story for a reason. It is possibly one of the grimmest, if not the most revealing, Batman stories. It set many things that remained a staple in the Dark Knight’s comics for years. If you’ve not read it, I won’t spoil much. In the comic, we learn one of the many possible origins of The Joker.
This one, which appears to be the most favored among fans, is that the Clown Prince of Crime started as a failed comedian with a pregnant wife. To score money for his growing family, he helps a pair of criminals break into a chemical plant he once was employed by. Batman foils the plot, but the soon-to-be Joker accidentally falls into a vat of chemicals. A series of unfortunate events and the toxins pushed the comedian into becoming Batman’s most devious villain.
What do you think of Joker’s newest collectible? Let us know below.
[Source: Kotobukiya]

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