Netflix’s One Piece Makes History By Breaking More Records

It has now been a week since Netflix’s live action adaption of One Piece has gone live on the streaming platform and it seems to be so well-received that it is one of Netflix’s most streamed T.V. shows as well as surpassing records that were previously held by the two Netflix originals Stranger Things and Wednesday.

One Piece claimed the number 1 spot in 84 countries in its’ debut weekend. Wednesday and season four of Strangers Things had held the number one spot in 83 countries during their opening weekends, which is pretty major given how popular these two shows are to begin with. Twitter/X user @newworldartur created a compilation picture showing the live action One Piece at number one on Netflix in various countries as of September 2nd.

As of today, Netflix’s One Piece has ranked in the top 10 spot for a TV series in 93 countries worldwide and at number one in 46 of those countries. The live action series earned 140.1 million hours in views with 18.5 million views. Contrast that with Netflix’s 2021 adaption of Cowboy Bebop which only had about 74 million views in it’s first week before plummeting down in viewing hours by 59% for the week of November 29th to December 5th, which would be just about the second week since the 2021 series debuted on November 19th.

Via the Netflix Website Ranking from August 28-September 3rd, 2023

The world of One Piece already held the world record for “the most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” in 2022, surpassing it’s own record from 2015. The manga sold 320,866,000 digital and physical copies worldwide as of December 2014, officially making it into the Guinness World Record in June 2015. By August 2022, a new record was in the books for having surpassed 500 million copies worldwide. Of those copies, 416,566,000 were in Japan, while 100 million copies of the One Piece manga were in 60 countries and territories outside of Japan.

The 8-episode series is even being well received on Rotten Tomatoes with the critical overall score currently at 85% fresh, with the average audience score at 96%.

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