Mondo To Release A 1:6 Scale ‘Masters of the Universe’ Panthor

Last month we covered the release of Mondo’s massive 1:6 scale Battle Cat. Now the company is showing off a rival Panthor at DesignerCon. Mondo posted a single picture of Skeletor riding the purple feline on Instagram. Much like the new Battle Cat, Panthor features multiple interchangeable heads and variations of the original Mattel toy’s armor.

I’d feel safe saying that when this figure is up for pre-order, Panthor will also include a 1:6 scale Skeletor. The one in the picture below looks a bit different than the version we saw for sale a while ago, at least as far as the head sculpt goes. The armor seems mostly the same but with a black color scheme instead of purple.

Panthor’s body will probably be identical to Battle Cats. We can see that the body armor/saddle is the same, but just in a different color. I’m okay with that. The heads are undoubtedly different, for sure. The release date appears to be this spring. So, the figures should be going up for pre-order soon.

Battle Cat sold out very quickly. The $499 figure measured 18″ long by 12″ tall. Mondo’s artists and designers also threw in a Cringer head and even a Cringer kitten figure. However, the little touches make the hefty price tag worth it. Panthor probably won’t have a kitten accessory, but he is getting a mantle with massive ram horns. Expect the price for Skeletor’s steed to be the same as Battle Cat’s.

Attendees could purchase a limited edition 1:6 scale Anti Eternia He-Man during the convention. The figure was going for $235 and was limited to only 1,500 pieces.

Mondo also showcased other figures at DisgnerCon, including Man-Thing:

Lots of Godzilla merchandise:

Did you pre-order Battle Cat last month? If not, will you try to pick up a Panthor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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