Mechagodzilla Is Now A $395 MechaShogun Toy!


Have you been looking for something for your Shogun Godzilla to battle with? Then get ready for Super7’s 20″ tall Toho Super Shogun Mechagodzilla! This homage to Mattel’s 1970s line of oversized robots and monsters is $395 and features six firing finger rockets! Mechagodzilla also has five points of articulation and super high-tech rollerskates. OK, they’re not high-tech; they’re just wheels on his feet. To top it off, Super7 includes a sticker sheet that further accentuates the toy’s retro roots. Shogun Mechagodzilla is expected to be out by the Summer of 2023.

OK, now that the sticker shock has worn off, I’m wondering … why isn’t he painted silver? The majority of the body is off-white and gray at the joints. Mechagodzilla was silver in his first and second appearances. Since these images say the final product may vary, I hope we see a more authentic paint job on the final $395 toy. Hell, for that price, Mechagodzilla should be chrome!



Standing 20” tall, Super7’s Super Shoguns are the next evolution of the Jumbo-scale toys popular in the 1970s and 80s. Here to do battle with your vintage Godzilla, this Toho Super Shogun Mechagodzilla features three missile-firing fingers on each hand (six total!) with the iconic original red missiles, movable arms, legs, hands and head, along with wheels on the feet for that perfect vintage touch. Which monster of mayhem will win the battle? Only you (and Mechagodzilla) can decide!

If you were curious, some parts of the original Mechagodzilla suit still survive today. When the Mechagodzilla 2 suit was created, parts from the original were reused. That suit appears from time to time at various Toho events and exhibits in Japan. Check out the Reddit post below for some images of the metallic monster.

Mechagodzilla 2 is the oldest still intact Godzilla suit! And he still looks awesome! from GODZILLA

What do you think of this latest Shogun figure? Too expensive? Let us know below!

[Source: Super7]

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