We Used ChatGPT To Generate A “Better” Indiana Jones Sequel

Indiana Jones and the Emerald Enigma

A few months ago, we tasked ChatGPT with generating a hypothetical Star Wars trilogy treatment, and it spat out interesting, if not somewhat derivative, ideas. However, those suggestions were far more fan-centric than what Disney’s Lucasfilm delivered. So, this past weekend I crafted a scenario for OpenAI‘s ChatGPT. I asked it to create a treatment for an Indiana Jones sequel set in the 1960s.

I had some conditions for my request. I stated that the treatment could not pull from previous films, novels, comic books, video games, or the Young Indiana Jones TV series.

In addition to the requirements, I added that the story generated would have to be one that would exceed the box office of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Here is what it came up with:

Title: Indiana Jones and the Emerald Enigma


Introduction: “Indiana Jones and the Emerald Enigma” takes audiences on an exhilarating adventure in the late 1960s, as renowned archaeologist Indiana Jones is thrust into a race against time to uncover the truth behind a legendary emerald with mysterious powers. This film combines thrilling action, historical intrigue, and a touch of the supernatural to create a story that captivates audiences and surpasses the box office success of the 2023 release.

Act 1: The film opens with Indiana Jones receiving a coded message from an old friend and fellow archaeologist, Professor Eleanor Sterling. The message hints at the existence of an ancient emerald known as the Emerald Enigma, rumored to possess the ability to manipulate time. Realizing the danger such power poses in the wrong hands, Indiana embarks on a global journey to find the Emerald Enigma before a notorious international art thief, Remy Leclair, can seize it.

Act 2: Indiana’s pursuit takes him to exotic locations, from the bustling markets of Marrakech to the mystical temples of Angkor Wat. Along the way, he encounters unexpected allies, including an enigmatic historian named Charlotte Sinclair, who possesses vital information about the emerald’s origins and its connection to an ancient civilization. As Indiana and Charlotte decipher ancient texts and solve intricate puzzles, they unearth a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of global power.

Act 3: In the climactic third act, Indiana and Charlotte confront Remy Leclair in a thrilling showdown at an ancient temple hidden deep within the Amazon rainforest. The temple is revealed to be a portal through time, and Leclair seeks to control the Emerald Enigma to reshape history in his favor.

Indiana engages in a perilous battle with Leclair, utilizing his wit, agility, and signature whip skills. Meanwhile, Charlotte, armed with her extensive knowledge of the temple’s mechanisms, races against time to deactivate the emerald’s powers and prevent its misuse.

Epilogue: Indiana emerges victorious, thwarting Leclair’s plans and securing the Emerald Enigma. Recognizing the potential danger it poses, Indiana and Charlotte make the decision to entrust the emerald to a secret organization dedicated to safeguarding ancient artifacts. Indiana bids farewell to Charlotte, acknowledging their shared admiration and the impact of their partnership.

The film ends with Indiana reflecting on the importance of preserving history and the constant struggle against those who seek to exploit its power. As he sets off into the sunset, a hint of future adventures awaits, ensuring the timeless spirit of Indiana Jones lives on.

Conclusion: “Indiana Jones and the Emerald Enigma” would have outperformed the 2023 release by presenting an original and captivating storyline set in the late 1960s. This treatment combines the essence of the Indiana Jones franchise with a fresh time-travel twist and a powerful artifact shrouded in mystery. By incorporating historical and supernatural elements, thrilling action sequences, and a rich tapestry of global locations, the script would have enthralled audiences, reigniting their love for Indiana Jones and surpassing box office expectations.

OK, the story is a tad generic, and it recycled the Dial of Destiny MacGuffin. I like the idea that the villain is an art thief rather than recycling Nazis or Russian Communists again.

Remy Leclair could make for an interesting counterpoint to Indy. Rather than trying to preserve historical artworks, Leclair could use time travel to make artists create multiple copies to sell on the black market.

This would be similar to Count Scarlioni’s plan in the classic Doctor Who story “City of Death.” Hell, have Julian Glover cameo in the film as an art dealer. That would please Whovians, Star Wars fans, and Indiana Jones fans.

This sounds more like an adventure that younger Indy would have gone on rather than the slower, older Dr. Jones. However, nowhere does the treatment try to downplay Indiana Jones’s heroism or previous deeds, a trend we see far too often in current sequels and reboots.

Just for the hell of it, I asked craiyon.com‘s DALL-E AI to make a movie poster for Indiana Jones and the Emerald Enigma. It turned out to be nightmare fuel:

Could AI be a helpful tool in Hollywood? Yes. Without a doubt. Could it replace writers? No.

Like any other tool, AI has its limitations. It lacks a soul, but then again … so does a lot of modern writing. Although AI could cut through the weird cynical, and hateful rut, many Hollywood writers are currently in; it will never replace the power of our imaginations.

[Source: OpenAI]
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