Mattel To Resurrect The Massive And Elusive Eternia Playset


Mattel made it clear that the Masters of the Universe toylines are here to stay for the time being. For a little while, we were concerned that both the Origins and Masterverse figures were on the chopping block. The pandemic didn’t help get the figures on toy shelves, and the Netflix series turned people off from the pricier figure collection. However, at SDCC, there was a significant piece of MotU history on display, and it wasn’t just a well-preserved piece of He-Man’s past.

The Eternia playset, a brand new version, was on the show floor for everyone to see. Oh, it’s massive. The original Eternia playset was, too, but it had several design flaws. The tracks were quite fragile, and both kids who owned the expensive toy had broken the tracks within the first few days of play. This thing wasn’t sturdy like the Ghostbusters’ Firehouse or the USS Flagg.

What Mattel had on display looks like it captures the original design and intent of the playset, but with some revisions. Now, the prototype shown at SDCC was behind glass, and none of the parts were in motion, but I’d bet money that the shuttles will be battery operated and each “territory” will have lights and sounds. Or the toy company could cheap out and not include anything cool. You never know these days. With several decades and changes in how customers can easily voice frustrations, Mattel will hopefully fix that.

Mattel was also showing off a bunch of new figures surrounding Eternia. These included Snake Men, new versions of He-Man, Skeletor, and 200X-inspired characters. The Origins line looks far from dead, and I’m happy to be proven wrong. Eternia was on the Mattel Creations page a few days ago but has since disappeared.

Mattel Creations

Pixel Dan looked at the revised playset at Mattel’s SDCC booth. Check out the preview below:

What price would Mattel have to put on the Eternia playset for you to buy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Mattel Creations]