‘The Heike Story’ Is Getting An English Dub

Developed by the Japanese animation studio Science SARU, ‘The Heike Story’ is an anime that adapts ‘The Tale of the Heike,’ an epic that recounts the rise and fall of the Taira clan. It is directed by Naoko Yamada and was originally released online before airing on Fuji TV. Funimation recently announced that they had acquired the rights to release it on their streaming service with an English dub.
“Play on, Biwa! We’re excited to announce that the latest beautiful anime from Science SARU, The Heike Story, is officially getting an English dub on Funimation. And we’ve got your first details on the series cast, crew and when you can watch,” they said on their website. “The Heike Story English dub will arrive on Funimation, so if you haven’t started this mystifying feudal tale of war, found family and future sight just yet, now’s the perfect time.”
They continued, “The English cast of the series includes Xanthe Huynh (March comes in like a lion, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear) as Biwa, John Gremillion (My Hero Academia, Vampire Hunter D) as Shigemori, Suzie Yeung (Fruits Basket, WONDER EGG PRIORITY) as Tokuko and Frank Todaro (The Rising of the Shield Hero, Sword Art Online) as Kiyomori.”
You can check out the trailer here:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis:
“The Taira clan, also known as the Heike, holds immense authority over Japan. When a young girl, gifted with an odd eye that allows her to see the future, foolishly disrespects the clan, her father pays the price of her crime with his life. Soon after, as fate would have it, Taira no Shigemori—the eldest son of the clan leader—stumbles upon the same unfortunate girl, who now calls herself “Biwa.” Biwa informs him that the downfall of the Heike is imminent. After learning of the great injustice Biwa suffered at the Heike’s hands, Shigemori vows to take her in and care for her rather than let her be killed.
In an era of rising military tension, the Heike are in the midst of a cunning struggle for power, and bloodstained war is on the horizon. Shigemori, whose eyes allow him to see spirits of the dead, is both anxious and hopeful to prevent his clan’s demise. Biwa, however, is reluctant to reveal the future to him and must adapt to her new life filled with both happiness and sorrow in this pivotal chapter in Japanese history.”

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