Mini-Pufts Figures Join The Ghostbusters Plasma Series Line

It’s been almost a year since Ghostbusters Afterlife was supposed to hit theatres. The merchandise has been hitting shelves throughout the past 12 months and is looking to ramp up as the film’s revised November 11, 2021 release date approaches.
New cereal. New drinks. New toys. New props. New Pufts?
Yep, the Baby Yoda trend has infected the Ghostbusters brand for better or worse. They are cute. Yes, they’re probably only in the film for a couple of minutes. However, the Mini-Pufts have been the stand-out characters from all the promo material we’ve seen.

Hasbro | Sony
The pack comes with three Mini-Puft bodies and six interchangeable heads. The ultimate army builder set right there. Grab a case of these things, and you’re all set!
The Mini-Pufts are priced just a bit higher than the previous Plasma series figures. This pack of pint-sized plastic Pufts costs $26.99 and will be available in February 2022. Click here to pre-order a set or dozen.
The bodies each have different hand configurations, and slightly varied standing poses. These are just prototype images. So, the final product may vary. Where are the accessories? No toothpicks, butane lighter, or s’mores?
Hasbro | Sony
Knowing Hasbro, we’ll see a variant set hit as some exclusive. A three-pack of burning or melting Pufts, I bet. Speaking of which, Entertainment Earth has also listed a glow-in-the-dark 4-pack of the original Ghostbusters.
Hasbro | Sony
There’s nothing overly different in this set, aside from the glowing slime effect, and each ‘Buster comes with a proton stream this time around. Hasbro must stiffen up the thrower because what we got in the first Plasma series wasn’t strong enough to hold up the stream accessory.
Hasbro also needs to produce more of the Terror Dog Luis two-pack. It’s hard to round out a Ghostbusters collection when you’ve got only one possessed Manhattanite.
Head on over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order your minis now.

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