‘Virtua Fighter’ Anime Punches Out A Blu-Ray DVD Release

Based on the video game series by SEGA, the 1995 anime ‘Virtua Fighter’ is going to be released by Discotek Media for a home video Blu-Ray DVD box set. It will include all thirty-five episodes from the show with the English dub for the first season, though the last eleven episodes will only be presented with the Japanese audio with English subtitles.

This will be the first time the series will be released on DVD in English subs and dubs. It will be released on January 31st, 2023 with the Right Stuf Anime website for pre-order.

The animated series was a production of TMS Entertainment with Hideki Tonokatsu and Masahiro Mutō directing the show’s episodes. It originally ran from 1995 to 1996 on TV Tokyo with the first season being dubbed by GMA Network.

You can watch the trailer for the series below:

TV Tropes describes the synopsis as follows,

“Akira Yuki, a Hakkyoku-Ken martial artist, is Wandering the Earth on a journey to see the eight stars in the sky once again, which can only be seen by those who possess true strength. He ends up in Chinatown and meets Pai Chan, a young girl who is being chased down by the Koenkan, a powerful martial arts organization that terrorizes the town. Along with the help of fellow martial artists Jacky and Sarah Bryant, Akira and Pai fight off against Koenkan’s leaders and free the townspeople from their iron grip. As the Koenkan continues to chase them across the country, one of their partners takes an interest in Sarah and hires the mercenary Kage-Maru to kidnap her.”

The anime is based on the ‘Virtua Fighter’ video game series created by Yu Suzuki and released by SEGA in 1994 for the SEGA Saturn console. It has had numerous sequels and spin-offs.

Jacob Airey

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