Takara Tomy Announces Missing Link and Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime

Do you still have your original Optimus Prime figure from the 1980s? Do you wish it was more like the G1 cartoon version of the Autobot leader while still maintaining that classic Takara Tomy chunkiness? Then get ready for the Missing Link!

Transformers Masterpiece Missing Link C-02 Optimus Prime is a brand new figure that incorporates the old-school design of the legendary figure but with modern updates. The transformation is still super simple, but this new Prime has way better articulation!

Thankfully, Takara Tomy knows that not all of us want yet another trailer jacking up the price of an Optimus Prime figure. So, the Missing Link G1 classic comes in two models: with and without the iconic silver trailer/ battle station.

It makes all the difference if you’re trying to stay under $100. G1 Missing Link Optimus Prime by himself is $69.99. However, if you’ve gotta have that trailer, the combo comes to $119.99.

Missing Link Optimus Prime will not ship out until May 24th, 2024.

  • TRANSFORMERS 40TH ANNIVERSARY: This Missing Link C-01 Optimus Prime figure celebrates 40 years of Transformers robots by modifying the original G1 Optimus Prime toy design to be fully poseable!
  • ENHANCED POSEABILITY: Optimus Prime action figure is fully jointed and highly articulated, allowing for intricate posability in action poses
  • 2 ICONIC MODES: Transformers Optimus Prime action figure converts between robot mode and semi truck mode
  • TRAILER INCLUDED: This figure comes with the classic G1 trailer toy that can attach to the figure in vehicle mode. Trailer converts into a battle station
  • CLASSIC FEATURES & ACCESSORIES: Comes with Roller, Ion blaster, Energon Axe, Matrix of Leadership, hose, refueling pump and adapter, Roller tire, missile, and secret film accessories. Includes heat-sensitive sticker that reveals a hidden design
  • ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND INSTRUCTIONS: This Transformers figure comes with original packaging and Japanese-language instructions
  • EXCLUSIVE CHARACTER CARD: Comes with a Japanese-language character card for the Optimus Prime figure

The Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime shakes things up a bit by giving us a whole new vehicle mode and some welcome departures from the standard designs. In robot mode, Prime still maintains several of his distinguishing features, but the vehicle mode really sets this figure apart. You’d never guess that this moon-cruising rover would turn into a G1-styled Optimus.

The Lunar Cruiser is priced at $74.99, making him a bit more pricey than the Missing Link. This Transformer will also be shipped later. Expect it to show up in late June 2024.


  • AUTHENTIC TAKARA TOMY DESIGN: This Transformers Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime premium adult collectible is an authentic Takara Tomy product, designed in collaboration with JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Toyota
  • 2 ICONIC MODES: Transformers Lunar Cruiser Optimus Prime action figure converts between robot and lunar cruiser modes. This figure was designed to replicate the appearance of the lunar cruiser pre-exhibited in 2019.
  • PREMIUM ACCESSORIES & DESIGN: Comes with solar panel and antenna accessories. Features a molded Matrix of Leadership in the figure’s chest. Solar panel accessory attach to the figure’s shoulder, back, or in hand
[Source: Hasbro Pulse]

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