‘Disgusting,’ James Corden Decries Move To Create European Super League Soccer

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‘The Late Late Show’ host James Corden is a known fan of European football also known as soccer, particularly the England-based West Ham United club.
During a Monday monologue, Corden shares his very passionate and pointed thoughts on the news that twelve soccer clubs plan to disrupt the traditional merit-based soccer leagues by establishing a so-called Super League that would play with a different schedule. The late-night host called the move, ‘disgusting.’
“The truth is, this whole thing, making this move, these teams, these owners are killing, they will kill hundreds of other football teams that compete with them and have competed with them many times over the years, disregarding the fan bases of those teams and disregarding the fan bases of their own teams who are devastated too,” the ‘Cats’ star said. “I’m heartbroken by it, genuinely heartbroken by it. I’m heartbroken because the owners of these teams have displayed the worst kind of greed I’ve ever seen in sport.”
The Hollywood Reporter notes that Corden acknowledged his American audience “don’t care” about soccer leagues, but that these soccer clubs bring communities together.
“It’s hard to express how much these communities rely on football, not just financially, which is considerable, but football is like a focal point of a town’s hopes and dreams. That’s what it is, you know,” he explained. “And these dreams, they’ve just been shattered not just in Britain, all across Europe. And the reason these dreams have been shattered and discarded is so that a group of billionaires can buy themselves a bigger boat, or a second boat.”
“Football is a working-class game where anyone can beat anyone on their day, and it’s that that makes it incredible, it’s that that’s made it the global force it is today,” he continued.
Corden said that this deal will happen due to the greed of the club owners, saying, “Don’t ever forget that it was them, those owners. They took something so pure and so beautiful and they beat the love and the joy out of it and they did it for money. They just did it for money. And it’s disgusting.”
You can watch the clip below:

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