Limited Run Game’s Ex-Community Manager Clears The Air

Photo Credit: Limited Run Games

After weeks of speculation about what went down when Limited Run Games publicly announced it had fired its community manager on Twitter, the person at the center of the story has spoken out. In a TwitLonger, former LRG community manager Kara Lynne gave us a rundown of how she first became aware of the issue that led to her termination.

On January 6th, Lynne woke up to messages about a post circulating accusing her of transphobia and following the wrong people. Unfortunately, rather than Limited Run Games’ leadership handling this like any other Twitter tempest in a teapot, Lynne was ushered into a call and informed she was being cut free from the company:

“In that call, I will say that there were a lot of emotions. I could tell they didn’t want to do what they were doing and even said they didn’t want to. They were being pressured from elsewhere.”

By Lynne’s account, she had experienced no previous disciplinary action before the January 6th incident. However, she does state that she was burnt out by the position as Limited Run Games’ community manager, and Lynne was getting ready to move into a different role in the company:

“Social media in general was taking a significant toll on my daily life and mental health and was in need of a change. January was going to be my last month as the community manager.”

Regarding the person responsible for dropping the match that started the fire, Lynne says nothing aside from stating she has no ill will towards that person but wishes the situation was handled maturely rather than through social media. She, thankfully, gives no power to the person whose actions led to this fallout. If you want more information on the person in question, check out our multiple videos below.

Unlike the rest of us who took to social media to bash LRG, Lynne took the high road, even stating that the top brass at the company did not deserve the ire pointed at them:

“Josh and Douglas fought to make sure I was taken care of. Please stop attacking Josh and Doug in a personal manner. They don’t deserve the harassment and I have no ill will against them.”

If co-owners Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst were her advocates, then who ultimately decided to terminate Lynne’s employment over something that would have blown over in a few days? Unfortunately, the former community manager is vague on this point, whether due to an NDA or her superiors didn’t tell her.

The firing could have been orchestrated by LGR’s parent company Embracer Group. This company’s subsidiaries include THQ Nordic, Gearbox Entertainment, Dark Horse Media, and Crystal Dynamics. Odd that such a huge corporation based in Sweden would care what a few people on Twitter say about someone’s old tweet or who they follow on the social media platform.

Lynne does make it clear that she has no issue with the LGBTQ community except when children are thrown into the mix:

“I truly believe that everyone has the right to love who they want to love and be who they want to be as long as they are not hurting anyone else. My only hesitation is when children get involved. That’s literally it.”

The backlash LRG’s actions caused appears to outweigh the incident that triggered Lynne’s current situation. In the aftermath, LRG has turned off comments to the original post below and on all following advertisements for upcoming releases. In addition, customers, including CFTV’s owners, have attempted to cancel orders in protest.

We’ve reached out to Kara Lynne for an interview.

[Source: Kara Lynne]

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