New Studio Ghibli Vinyl Pre-orders

Studio Ghibli has recently announced three new vinyl sets available for pre-order. These albums are coming to vinyl for the very first time. All three vinyl records will be officially released on November 27th.

The three sets available for pre-order are:

Orchestra Stories – My Neighbor Totoro

Joe Hisaishi has created new arrangements and compositions to help children and adults alike get into the world of orchestra. There are two parts: a primer where Shigesato Itoi, who plays the role of Satsuki and Mei’s father, introduces the names and qualities of each instrument, and the suite without the narration. The music is performed by the New Japan Philharmonic. the price for this is at 3,800 Yen, which equals to about $34.61 USD.

SIDE-A Orchestra Stories – My Neighbor Totoro // Narration: Shigesato Itoi
1. Stroll
2. The Village in May
3. Sootballs~Mother
4. It Was Totoro!
5. The Path of Wind
6. A Lost Child
7. Catbus
8. My Neighbor Totoro
SIDE-B: My Neighbor Totoro Suite
1. Stroll
2. The Village in May
3. Sootballs~Mother
4. It Was Totoro!
5. The Path of Wind
6. A Lost Child
7. Catbus
8. My Neighbor Totoro

Laputa: Castle in the Sky USA Version Soundtrack

Presenting the soundtrack to the USA version, released America-wide in 2003. Joe Hisaishi not only re-arranged and re-recorded the original soundtrack, but also added new music. This is priced at 4,800 Yen, which is about $43.72 USD.

1.Prologue~Flaptors Attack
2.The Girl Who Fell from the sky(Main Theme)
3.The Levitation Crystal
4.Morning in the Mining Village
5.Pazu’s Fanfare
6.The Legend of Laputa
7.A Street Brawl
8.The Chase
9.Floating with the Crystal
10.Memories of Gondoa
1.Stones Glowing in the Darkness
2.Disheartened Pazu
3.Robot Soldiers~Resurrection-Rescue~
4.Dola and the Pirates
5.Confessions in the Moonlight
6.The Dragon’s Nest
1.The Lost Paradise
2.The Forgotten Robot Soldier
3.The Invasion of Goliath
4.Pazu Fights Back
5.The Final Showdown
6.The Destruction of Laputa (Choral Version)
7.The Eternal Tree of Life

La Folia: Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess Soundtrack by Vivaldi/Joe Hisaishi

The soundtrack to the Ghibli Museum film “Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess.” It consists of modern variations on Vivaldi’s La Folia as composed by Joe Hisaishi. The BGM from the movie has been put into a suite for you to enjoy. This is priced at 3,000 yen, which is about $27.32 USD.

1. Theme
2. Variation 1
3. Variation 2
4. Variation 3
5. Variation 4
6. Variation 5
7. Finale

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If you’re interested in seeing the many other Studio Ghibli vinyl records, click here.

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