Mattel Creations’ Jurassic Park Gates Crowdfunder Falls Way Short

Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund
Photo Credit: Mattel Creations

Only two days remain to back Mattel Creations’ oddly titled ‘Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund.’ The toy, based on the very first Jurassic Park film, needed to hit 5,000 backers by July 27th. So far, the campaign has flatlined at 1,513 people willing to throw down $250.

The name probably didn’t help. Had I not seen pictures, I would have assumed this collectible was part of the Jurassic World films and not the Steven Spielberg classic. Universal should let Mattel separate this license into two separate brands. The Jurassic World movies diluted the power of the original film and book’s message.

Jurassic World The Gates Crowdfund
Photo Credit: Mattel Creations

I specifically mentioned this crowdfunding campaign in our 2nd D-Rezzed Podcast episode. It’s a gate – a tall piece of plastic with some lights and a motor that opens the faux-wood doors. Yet, Mattel thought that this thing was worth $250. Sure, it came with a slightly more detailed version of the previously released Jurassic Park Ford Explorer, but still.

Also, the stretch goals were so all over the place. Unlock #1 made the most sense and made the entire campaign the most enticing. You got an electrified Tim and an LED-lit electrical fence. For display purposes, this was great, although it should have been included in the $250 price tag.

The second tier, after the main funding goal, would have given us the T-Rex from The Lost World. Why? That dinosaur wasn’t even on the same island! The sequel never took us back to the original location of these iconic gates!

The final unlock, which would require 8,000 backers, would have delivered possibly the smallest “perk” I’ve ever seen from a major company’s crowdfunded: Lex and a goat with a removable leg. Yup. That’s it.

Why isn’t Lex Unlock #1, Tim #2, and the T-Rex the third? I guess Mattel was greedy and wanted that bonus money from Ariana Richards fans.

If you want something that celebrates Spielberg’s work, get his first-ever action figure that’s coming out next month.

[Source: Mattel Creation Crowdfunding Page]
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