Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling “Mortified” After ‘Barbie’ Set Photos Leaked


After decades of waiting, we’re finally getting a live-action Barbie movie in 2023. Mattel’s doll has been everything from a doctor, to David Bowie, to an astronaut, but has she ever been “mortified?” The actress playing her in the upcoming Greta Gerwig-directed feature film has thanks to photos that leaked during an on-location shoot.

E Online reports that Margot Robbie, on The Tonight Show, relayed the fears to that she and co-star Ryan Gosling had while playing the iconic couple Ken and Barbie. At the three-minute mark of Robbie’s interview with Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show host brings out one of the leaked Barbie set photos. Margot’s face shows a slight twinge of unease before she tells Fallon about how she felt once the pics of her and Ryan Gosling in very colorful active wear went viral:

“We look like we’re laughing and having fun, but we’re dying on the inside. Dying. I was like, this is the most humiliating moment of my life.”

I’m not sure why either star worried about this sort of leak. We all know that Barbie has colorful outfits, and Ken usually has a matching getup. If it weren’t for the fashion, would Mattel’s doll have lasted as long as she has? I was glad to see the director leaning into the fun aspects of the toy line rather than making it a gritty downer. Well, that could still be the case since we don’t know the full details of the story. However, I think it’s time we get more upbeat and carefree films, especially when the source material is a toy. I’m sort of burnt out on writers using franchises as therapy sessions.

Barbie is being directed by Lady Bird’s writer and director Greta Gerwig, based on a script she co-wrote with Marriage Story scribe Noah Baumbach. So we should all be glad it doesn’t star Melissa McCarthy or Amy Schumer.

[Source: E-Online]

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