Entertainment Earth Exclusive TMNT Glow-In-The-Dark Mutagen Man!

The Ultimates line of TMNT action figures is a cool callback to the Playmates days. Gross-out designs and weird features were the name of the game back then. Between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Toxic Crusaders figures, Playmates hit on all the things that kids wanted in the early ’90s. Mutagen Man was the culmination of all those things.
The original figure was a clear plastic torso with decaying limbs attached. Inside the torso casing sat the remains of a human. There was a brain, skull, eyeballs, lungs, and heart. These organs were floating there.
Mutagen Man came with various pieces of junk that you could put into the torso and then fill with water. Ah, the good old days of having bits of food and trash floating around inside of your action figures. We had the best toys.
Super7 recreated this toy in all the glorious detail but with added articulation and an increased scale. The only drawback was that this figure, like the original, wasn’t very good at retaining water.
Regardless, Mutagen Man is a great display piece that only gets better with the addition of an age-old gimmick: a glow-in-the-dark feature!
Entertainment Earth will be offering up an exclusive version of the 7″ figure with just that feature.

Super7 | Entertainment Earth
The victim of insidious experiments, Mutagen Man and his ever-changing, mutating form are confined to his mechanical life-support system. But in this incredible glow-in-the-dark colorway exclusive to Entertainment Earth, Super7’s Ultimates 7-inch action figure is intricately painted in neon shades of pink, yellow, and green! And just like the original version, this Mutagen Man features a massive collection of interchangeable accessories. Take a look at these:
1x Pair of Fist Hands
1x Pair of Gripping Hands
1x Mutagen Machine Blaster
1x Life-Support System
1x Skull Plug
1x Fish (Glow)
1x Wrench (Glow)
1x Eyeball (Glow)
1x Turtle (Glow)
1x Pizza (Glow)
1x Apple Core (Glow)
1x Bone (Glow)
1x Unpainted (Neon Green) Gooey Garbage Rack that holds the Fish, Wrench, Eyeball, Turtle, Pizza, Apple Core, and Bone!
Click here to pre-order yours before they run out. Mutagen Man should be shipping in January 2022. The price of this figure is $54.99. If you’re unsure about dropping that kind of cash on a figure, check out Pixel Dan’s review of the standard version here:

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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