‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ Gets An English Dub

‘Shinobi no Ittoki’ is an action anime produced by DMM Pictures and developed by the Japanese animation studio Troyca. Launched in October 2022, it is directed by Shuu Watanabe, produced by Toshiyuki Nagano, and written by Minato Takano. Crunchyroll has announced that they had acquired the license to release the show in the United States and that they will produce an English dub.

They revealed the dub cast on their website:

  • Howard Wang (Langa in SK8 the Infinity) as Ittoki Sakuraba
  • Emily Fajardo (Aisha in How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom) as Kousetsu
  • Ian Sinclair (Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy) as Tokisada Kaga
  • Katelyn Barr (Natsumi in Date A Live) as Kirei Kisegawa
  • Macy Anne Johnson (Shikimori in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie) as Ryoko Sukuno
  • Nazeeh Tarsha (Hayato in Love After World Domination) as Suzaka Ban
  • Caitlin Glass (Shiho in Tomodachi Game) as Yumika Sakuraba
  • Eric Vale (Ryuen in Classroom of the Elite) as Kidou Minobe
  • Jim Foronda (Luxion in Trapped in a Dating Sim) as Kozo Moriyama
  • Tiffany Solano as Reiha Tsuge
  • Emi Lo (Lucy in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) as Satomi Tsubaki

Shawn Gann will work on the show as the ADR Director.

You can watch the trailer below:

Wikipedia describes the synopsis as follows,

“In modern-day Japan, after an attempt is made to kill him, Ittoki Sakaruba learns that he is a direct descendant of and rightful heir to the Iga Ninja clan. His mother sends him to Ninjutsu Gakuen, the only national ninja school in Japan, to study and train as a ninja while investigations are being made to discover who is trying to kill him and why. At the school, Ittoki becomes involved with his new classmates, which include some beautiful yet deadly young ninja girls, but danger is always present…especially when there is a suspected traitor inside the school.”

Character designs for the show are done by Isamu Suzuki, who is also the animation director. The music is composed by TOMISIRO.

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