Frontier Customers Were “Ripped Off” According to the FTC


The Federal Trade Commission is not mincing words about how Frontier treated those who subscribed to the company’s internet service. Apparently, people who lived in areas that only had access to the provider’s DSL service were misled into believing just how fast the service would be.
According to Ars Technica, the FTC took Frontier to court in 2021, ending in a settlement. However, this lawsuit only applied to citizens in California. Following the lawsuit, which includes Frontier paying $8.5 million, plus $250k for Californias legal fees and restitution to customers, the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Samuel Levine had the following to say:

“Frontier lied about its speeds and ripped off customers by charging high-speed prices for slow service. Today’s proposed order requires Frontier to back up its high-speed claims. It also arms customers lured in by Frontier’s lies with free, easy options for dropping their slow service.”

Aside from the financial penalties, the FTC is forcing Frontier to back up its claims regarding service speeds. Additionally, Frontier must be upfront with the speeds DSL customers should expect, and customers will no longer be required to pay a fee for canceling service.
An upside to the settlement is that Frontier must agree to install, within four years, fiber infrastructure to service 60,000 customers. However, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up because Frontier left a bankruptcy filing promising 350k new fiber drops by 2026.
Although I’m not familiar with Frontier’s DLS service, I was a very brief customer of theirs when the company took over Verizon’s fiber service. By brief, I mean less than two weeks. During the first day of Frontier running the service, there was a significant outage which lasted two days. Upon service being restored, internet speeds were drastically slower, coming in at about 35% of the advertised speed. This lasted for another week when I canceled my account. Frontier expected me to pay $200 for exiting my contract early. Yeah, I didn’t do that, and Frontier didn’t push the issue.
Do you have any experience with Frontier? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Ars Technica] [Source: Ars Technica]

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  • I’m in WV and oh yea they suck,if you’re lucky you get 3 MB upload,big IF,for me at first I didn’t mind since I was paying $34.99 a month and for that I figured I was getting what I payed for… Then the bill started creeping up first to forty one a month then finally fifty four-I went on the war path telling them for what I’m getting fifty four bucks just wasn’t fair and if they kept up their shenanigan’s I was gone,they promised me the moon but no deal on cutting the price back down so I jumped ship and signed up with my local cable company,paying fifty nine a month now but I have actual lower end high speed service.

  • Frontier Fiber was recently installed widely in my city. My mom signed up for service and we had it for three weeks before it went down, and was down for at least seven days. We were told at different points the Internet is up in your area to it’s down and no idea as to when it’s coming back up. We cancelled our service on day 7. We have no idea how long it was down overall, or if it went down again afterwards.

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