New Kraven the Hunter Trailer Reveals Marvel Villain Brutality

Sony has been working on bringing out various Spider-Man villains into their own movies following the success of the Venom films. The next one that movie-goers will get a look at is the infamous Kraven the Hunter. Those that went to Cinemacon got a quick look at what the movie will be like, with reactions being mixed at the creative liberties taken. But now the public can finally see what a Kraven the Hunter movie will look like in the official trailer. And it’s definitely making waves with how vicious Kraven the Hunter will be.

The official trailer for Kraven the Hunter reveals actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the title character. We follow Kraven as a young boy to adulthood, following the teachings of his father and hunting his enemies. But things don’t appear to be as straightforward as we thought, as Kraven will be hunting a multitude of people ranging from hitmen to others who may be just as bad as him.

Like both the Venom and Morbius movies that came before, Kraven the Hunter will focus solely on the Marvel Comics villain, so don’t expect any Spider-Man cameos or appearances. While there are other Marvel characters that appear in the film, like the tease for the Rhino at the end of the trailer, the story in this film is all about Kraven. Much of the dialogue in the trailer is about Kraven and his family being predators to everyone and everything around him. We see a quick glance at how Kraven gets his abilities and how brutal his fighting skills will be. As a hunter, Kraven looks to show no remorse or mercy to those he sets his sights on. The film is going to be rated R, so we can definitely expect to see many successful hunts and blood for the highly-trained killer.

The movie’s official poster shows Kraven in an iconic pose that is pulled straight from Marvel Comics. It is the pose from the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #17 released back in 2018, showing Kraven sitting down and contemplating his next move. The poster also has Aaron Taylor-Johnson wearing the iconic Kraven outfit that many comic fans are familiar with. However, we hardly see Aaron in the costume during the trailer, with only a few glimpses of him wearing the outfit and moving around.

Speaking at Cinemacon during a panel, Aaron Taylor-Johnson told fans that the movie is heavily grounded in the real world. “Kraven the Hunter is a Marvel movie grounded heavily in the real world… anyone who is familiar with the comics and the character of Kraven knows that he’s a fierce hunter with the skill of a highly trained killer. So, I figure now’s a good time to answer the Internet’s biggest question about the film. Will it be rated R? Fuck yes it’s going to be rated R.” Kraven the Hunter is set to release in theaters on October 6th, 2023.

What do you think of the trailer for Kraven the Hunter? Will you go see the movie when it’s finally out in theaters? Share your thoughts about the movie down below in the comments!

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