LotR’s Sauron Joins Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes

Sauron, the great deceiver and the evilest force to befall Middle Earth has been captured in toy form thanks to Beast Kingdom. The forger of the One Ring joins the Dynamic 8ction Heroes line of premium action figures and looks genuinely menacing.

Unlike most other DAH figures, Sauron stands quite a bit taller, coming in at almost 12″ tall, whereas others in this line are around 8″. To match this size, the false Lord of Gifts has a grander price tag: $109.99.

Sauron includes interchangeable hands, a fabric cape, and his signature mace. Sadly, the Ring is not removable.

Pre-orders are open now for The Lord of the Rings’ titular villain. He is expected to arrive in May 2024.

Standing at an impressive 29 centimeters in height, the character is depicted in his iron-black armor, featuring his iconic spiked helmet, spiky shoulder guards, and a real fabric cloak. The collectible also incorporates an intricate design, which features the totem symbols on the armor and Sauron’s Mace. No details are overlooked for fans who want the highest detailing on their action figures. A pair of replicable hands, as well as Sauron’s deadly mace are also included in the set for fans to recreate the many battles depicted in the books and movies. But wait, eagle-eyed fans, can you see the One Ring on Sauron’s right hand?

The Dark Lord Sauron comes with the following:

  • Over 24 points of articulation
  • The Dark Lord Sauron’s armor and symbols are created with intricate detailing
  • 2 interchangeable hand types (open palm, gripping object)
  • Cape made of real fabric
  • Sauron’s Mace

While this version may be cool, the ultimate Sauron is still the Toy Biz one from years ago. Glowing red eyes, a removable ring, and that overpowered speaker built into his chest.

[Source: Beast Kingdom]

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