Light The Way With Your Own ‘Lord of the Rings’ Phail of Galadriel Replica

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” – Lady Galadriel
Weta Studios is creating a replica of the gift Galadriel gave to Frodo before he left Lothlorien. A small phial of liquid from her fountain. Captured in that water was the light of Eärendil. The elven gift would provide a beacon of hope and light where all else had failed. Due out in the second quarter of 2022, the crafted glass replica will cost $199, and pre-orders are open now.
Not only is the glass phial lovely to look at, but it is also functional. Well, it won’t protect you from a dark force or a giant evil spider, but it will hold any liquid of your choosing. Also, the base has a light-up feature. Too bad they didn’t find a way to make it work within the glass phial itself.
If you really want to have the thing glow, maybe fill it with clear resin mixed with a little bit of blue glow-in-the-dark powder. I’ve done it before on with old absinthe bottles, and the result is pretty cool.
Here’s what $119 will get you:

  • 1:1 scale prop replica
  • Phial crafted from glass
  • Elven base made from high-quality polystone;
  • Removable stopper allows the phial to be filled with any desired liquid;
  • Light-up base that illuminates the phial, powered by a single CR2032 battery. (Battery not included)
Weta Workshop
Weta Workshop
Weta Workshop
There are several other replicas from Middle Earth available on Weta’s website. In addition, staves, rings, necklaces, and more are available.

What items from Jackson’s LotR trilogy would you like to see reproduced? Maybe some genuine Hobbit foot hair? Gollum’s toenails? Would you be willing to pay $4,500 for an 18k version of the One Ring? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Weta Workshop]

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