‘King Star King’ Returns To Adult Swim

‘King Star King’ fans got some good news with the announcement that it will be returning to Adult Swim for a second season after an eight-year hiatus since all seven episodes of the first season were released.

“New galactic adventures will take flight with two animated specials that mark the return of fan-favorite heroes to Adult Swim. KING STAR KING!/!/!/ arrives Monday, February 13,” Warner Media said in a press release.

They continued, “Creator JJ Villard returns to his Emmy-winning Adult Swim series for a new installment with KING STAR KING!/!/!/. Headlined by Tommy Blacha (Metalocalypse), who voices the titular hero, KING STAR KING!/!/!/ also stars Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day), Will Sasso (MADtv), Rachel Butera (We Baby Bears), and Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty).”

The pilot for the series was produced by Mirari Films with Titmouse and Williams Street taking over for the full series.

“King Star King is back,” the press release added. “And this time he’s a fat, bald, middle-aged slob with a family, a mortgage, and a job at Amazon. Join King Star King, Hank Waffles, Pooza, and Gerbils on a dimension-spanning adventure to save King Star King’s family!”

Villard expressed his excitement in a statement, saying, “King Star King is BACK! And this time he’s battling two horrific enemies! An evil and disgusting tech titan! And the even more evil and disgusting Middle-age Malaise!!!”

Wikipedia describes the synopsis as follows,

“The series revolves around the titular character, King Star King (Tommy Blacha): a tall, blond muscular man. After seducing his love, Princess Snow White, he falls from his higher plane of existence to serve as a fry cook in a run-down waffle house. In order to reclaim his place in the heavens, he must battle his amnesia to defeat the evil Spring Bunny (Eric Kaplan) and rescue Snow White.”

J.J. Villard previously worked on the DreamWorks Animation feature film ‘Shrek Forever After’ as a visual development artist.

Jacob Airey

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