Kemuri Karakara’s ‘Laughing in Purgatory’ Action Manga Is Coming To An End

Fans of the supernatural action manga ‘Laughing in Purgatory’ got some disappointing news. The series from Japanese author Kemuri Karakara is coming to end. The series has been appearing monthly in the Tokyo-based Mag Garden’s ‘Monthly Comic Garden’ and will have its finale in the April 5th issue of the magazine.
“Karakara launched the manga in Monthly Comic Garden in January 2014. The manga’s 13th compiled book volume shipped in May 2021. The manga serves as a prequel to Laughing Under the Clouds, and it is set during Japan’s Warring States period, 300 years before the main manga’s story. The story centers on the Orochi at Lake Biwa. The manga inspired a stage play that debuted in 2017,” Anime News Network reported.
MyAnimeList describes the manga’s synopsis as follows,
“Set 300 years after Utakata ni Warau, and 300 years before Donten ni Warau, during the turbulent Sengoku period, it is the story of a young man named Ishida Sakichi, whose mission leads him to encounter a pair of mysterious twins at the Kumo Shrine.”
The cast of the stage play based on ‘Laughing in Purgatory’ include Hiroki Suzuki as Sakichi Ishida, Tsubasa Sakiyama as Baren Kumou, and Ami Maejima as Okuni Kumou.

The manga serves as a prequel to ‘Laughing Under The Clouds’ created by Karakara Kemuri and also published by Mag Garden. It was released in the United States by Tokyopop. It was picked up as an anime by Doga Kobo that ran for twelve episodes with a dub being produced by Funimation.
MyAnimeList lists the description,
“In the 11th year of the Meiji Era, the end of the samurai shogunate and the prohibition of swords has left Japan with lasting scars. Displeased by these recent changes, many former samurai plot against the new government, inciting a wave of bloodshed. To counter this movement, the government constructs a colossal prison in the middle of Lake Biwa.
Unofficially assigned to help the police arrest criminals, Tenka Kumou also serves as a ferryman to the Lake Biwa prison with the help of his two younger siblings: the ambitious Soramaru and the enthusiastic Chuutarou. Together with the former Fuma ninja Shirasu Kinjou, the Kumou brothers live a frugal and joyful life mostly dedicated to studying and training.
However, behind this relatively uneventful daily routine, the specter of the “Orochi” curse is starting to spread its shadow over the city of Oumi. According to legend, every three hundred years, Orochi reincarnates in a human vessel—and it is believed that this is the harbinger of an imminent catastrophe. As various groups clash in search of Orochi’s vessel, some aim to seal the curse, while others have darker plans in motion.”
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