Hogwarts Legacy & More Godzilla LP Soundtracks On The Way!

Mondo has announced it is taking pre-orders for three original soundtracks, including two Godzilla films and the smash hit Hogwarts Legacy video game!

The Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features a screen-printed D-side record that is pressed on silver-colored vinyl. The OST is limited to only 2,000 copies and will ship in June for $45.

Mondo did not list the tracks for Michiru Oshima’s score, but the Godzilla Fandom wiki states there are 34 songs.

Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo

The Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is limited to only 1,000 records. Mondo did not give us the entire tracklist. However, after some digging, the complete Akira Ifukube score contains over 30 tracks.

The OST is pressed on “Three Headed Vinyl.” In other words, it’s a golden yellow vinyl. The artwork on the cover by Greg Ruth is worth the $35 price tag alone. Expect Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah is to arrive this June.

Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo


The Hogwarts Legacy – Original Video Game Soundtrack is spread across three golden LPs and contains over thirty tracks. This is not a limited edition release and will ship around July. The 3XLP collection will only set you back $50.

Side A

  • Overture to the Unwritten
  • House Cup Finale
  • Fig’s Search
  • A Proper Hogwarts Welcome
  • Potting Mandrakes
  • Seeking the Keepers

Side B

  1. Ranrok’s Rage
  2. A Lost Friend
  3. Everybody Grab a Broom
  4. All Roads Lead to Hogsmeade
  5. Anticipating Rookwood

Side C

  1. Miriam’s Memory
  2. Grasslands Vivarium
  3. A Fitting New Home
  4. Isadora’s Pain
  5. See You After Class
  6. Hog’s Head Jig

Side D

  1. Guardians Awaken
  2. Accio!
  3. Legacy of Magic
  4. Ruins of a Noted Seer

Side E

  1. A Portrait of Love
  2. The Greenhouse
  3. Ollivander’s Wand Shop
  4. Coastal Vivarium
  5. The Four Houses
  6. You’ve Made Your Choice

Side F

  1. Soaring Over Hogwarts
  2. Haven
  3. The Halls of Hogwarts
  4. The Room of Requirement
  5. Niamh’s Lullaby
  6. Tresspassers
  7. Tribute

Looking for more soundtracks? Check out last week’s vinyl announcements here.

[Source: Mondo]

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