Hasbro Re-Releases Star-Lord’s Helmet For GotG 3

Hasbro has dusted off an old Marvel Legends roleplaying since Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is due out in the not-too-distant future. So if you’ve wanted to cosplay as Peter Quill (Star-Lord), his helmet will return to the collectibles market!

The Marvel Legends roleplaying helmet popped up yesterday at Entertainment Earth. It has an April 10th release date. The replica of Star-Lord’s headgear appears identical to the one released a few years ago. Even the weathering and scuff marks are the same. Yes, the electronics are also identical:

  • COSMIC LIGHT FX: Prepare for battle by pressing the button on the side of the helmet to illuminate the red LED light FX
  • POWER-UP SOUND FX: Trigger the Marvel Legends Star-Lord Premium Electronic Roleplay Helmet’s distinctive sounds with the touch of a button and launch into galactic action

Like Hasbro’s other replicas, the asking price is above $100. However, it’s doubtful you’ll need to pay $131.99 to get your hands on this. Like the others in the Marvel Legends line, Star-Lord’s helmet will turn up on clearance quickly.

Keep an eye on sites like EE, GameStop, and Best Buy. I’ve been able to scoop up a number of these replicas at 30-50% off not long after release.

Star-Lord Helmet Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Photo Credit: Hasbro
Star-Lord Helmet Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Photo Credit: Hasbro
Star-Lord Helmet Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Photo Credit: Hasbro

Peter Quill blasts into intergalactic action as the blaster-wielding, music-blasting hero, Star-Lord—complete with the helmet essential to his adventures across space. Equipped with thermal vision, HUD, and oxygen purification, the helmet has seen Peter through his most challenging of fights—including the Battle of Earth.

Star-Lord’s helmet is one of the better Hasbro-made replicas. The scale is pretty accurate, more so than the Darth Vader helmet. The biggest negative is that the helmets are all plastic and look cheap. No matter Hasbro’s hard work, the company cannot correct metallic paint. Takara Tomy doesn’t have this issue.

[Source: Entertainment Earth]

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