HasLab’s G.I. Joe Skystriker Campaign Taken Over By Cobra Commander

Desperation is a stinky cologne, and HasLab is drenched in it right now. Two of toy maker’s three active crowdfunding campaigns are currently far behind their funding goals. The Rancor is doing so poorly both with backers and stretch goals that they’re now throwing in spare figures to try to entice you to buy a $350 toy.
At least the G.I. Joe Skystriker campaign gives you more than some attic stock. Unfortunately, the Skystriker page has been taken over by none other than Cobra Commander himself in its final days. Although this was probably a planned event the entire time, it is funny to see the leader of Cobra aboard a sinking ship, as usual.
What is admirable about this last-ditch effort is that you’re getting something unique instead of Hasbro’s unsold figures. The Cobra “hack” brings with it three new figures and decals. Will it be enough to entice more than 3k backers to join? Sadly, there’s no hooded Cobra Commander figure. Bring back the more menacing evil leader, damnit!


Oh yes, you thought you were so smart. Give the people another G.I. Joe Skystriker – that’s what they really want. Well, it isn’t! Every nincompoop knows that Cobra is the most powerful force in the world! The Skystriker is ours now, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. We’ll keep your original puny offering intact… but now you’ll also have superior figures and decals from Cobra! Not only, is it I, the most fearsome and handsome Cobra Leader, but I’ve brought my own nefarious Cobra Pilot and a Cobra Ground Crew member to take the Joes down. Together we’ll cover the Skystriker in our very own Cobra decals. What can you do to stop us?! NOTHING. AHAHAHAHHAHA.

I’ll admit that the vehicle itself looks great and comes heavily loaded with extras before even touching the stretch goals. But, again, this was something the Rancor lacked. The problem is that the classic G.I. Joe figures haven’t been on store shelves for years. The 6″ figures are still around, and Walmart has a modern 3.75″ line. However, without the retro figures reemerging to get collectors engaged, a $230 vehicle is a hard sell right now.
Had Hasbro actively put out a collectors line of classic style 3.74″ Joes and Cobras like Mattel did with Masters of the Universe, that may have built up the hype. The Skystriker came out of nowhere with zero build-up.
Ha! It took me this long into writing about G.I. Joe to remember that the Snake Eyes movie came out this year. Does anyone else recall that happening? If you don’t, it’s OK. It was quickly forgotten then pushed out of theatres. But, again, I doubt that movie would have gotten collectors eager for more retro toys on its own.
[Source: HasLab]

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